Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Creating a Coaching Culture

The term 'coaching culture' has been on the scene for the last few years and still it raises discussion about what it is and how to create it.  The Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) produced a paper May 2011 as a result of surveying 250 large organisations giving some interesting facts.

"83% of organisations surveyed source coaches internally while 65% hire them in.  External coaches are used primarily to coach senior managers. Interestingly,there is more rigour over selecting external service providers than internal coaches. Benchmarks of quality are still needed though in an unregulated coaching industry".

This has been our experience, particularly in the last 18 months where the L&D spend has been towards the senior executives who are experiencing a greater requirement to 'walk the talk' through difficult times and inspire the workforce to do the same. 

In terms of an unregulated coaching industry this is also very true and doesn't serve to show the 'quality' of the coach/coaching team particularly when bidding for large scale projects in tenders.  With no clear indication of  which accreditation body clients would back,we've been in a VHS or Beta max quandry (that's one for all of you of my generation!)  With this in mind we have over the last year decided to go with ILM and many of our team have gained ILM 7 accreditation in Executive Coaching & Leadership Mentoring (no small task and well done all!).  This I hope goes some way to also demonstrate that we are also 'walking the talk'  -a daily challenge for us all.

To read the full report https://www.i-l-m.com/downloads/publications/G443_ILM_COACH_REP.pdf

Kate Peacock

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